You’re helping to change the future of breast cancer

The coronavirus outbreak represents an unprecedented situation for all of us, but this continues to be an extremely difficult and uncertain time for so many people affected by breast cancer.

At a time where the need for our work has never been greater, the coronavirus has severely affected our ability to deliver our vital research and care, with face-to-face support events and courses being postponed and labs temporarily closed.

We need your help.

By cycling your way, you’ll be helping us to continue to provide support for today and hope for the future for patients and families affected by this devastating disease. Every kilometre cycled and pound raised means we can be there for people when they need us most. We won’t stop until everyone who develops breast cancer lives – and is supported to live well. If there was ever a time to go the distance, it’s now.

Professor Rob Clarke

Professor Rob Clarke is a Breast Cancer Now researcher based at The University of Manchester. He is studying how breast cancer spreads to the bone, where it becomes incurable, and wants to find ways to prevent it. Rob’s lab had to close at the end of March following government guidelines and remained closed for over 100 days.

“To all Breast Cancer Now supporters, I wanted to say that your support is vital to help us carry out research that will have a great impact for millions of women and their families”